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When you're traveling light, the Monet allows for an ID and credit card to be held tightly within. You could also use the dual slots for cash or business cards, but the name of the game here is keeping the profile slim. The kickstand works well while using your phone to watch videos, while the grip is great for stabilizing selfies or... imagine this... actually making a phone call!
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Our phones are a fashion accessory for most of us, whether we mean it to be or not.  Monet the 3-in-1 phone grip helps you accessorize fashionably.  It's a phone grip the also stores your money & cards, serves as a fun kickstand, and helps you #selfiebetter.  A wallet, grip and kickstand in one! 
One of the most popular smartphone accessories out there right now is the adhesive cell phone sleeve wallet. It is a small sleeve of plastic, rubber or leather that is stuck on (via an adhesive) to the back of your phone. Monet is one popular brand of which I got complimentary sample. It is one of my favorites due to its stylish presentation – and inclusion of another popular cell phone accessory – a cell phone grip and cell phone stand.
When you find a product that is multifunctional you know it's a must have, especially when it's available at an affordable price. Monet provides exactly that, fashion & functionality.
Ever try to take a selfie in that once-in-a-lifetime moment only to have your mobile phone slip out of your hand or worse yet, take a fuzzy picture of your big fat thumb? Those days are over with Monet, a handy little gripper tool that attaches to your cell phone to make taking selfies a lot easier.


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