What is a Monet?
The most convenient cell phone accessory around! You have your wallet, kickstand, and grip all in one!

Will the Monet attach to my iPhone 8/8+ and iPhone X?
Where on my phone should I place my Monet?
Anywhere you feel it’s comfortable for you.
How do I put my Monet on my phone?
Make sure the back of your phone or case (must be a flat surface) is wiped clean and place the Monet.
What if I want to change the placement of my Monet?
You can! Peel it off and put it exactly how you like.
Can I take off my Monet and put it on a different phone?
You can, although it’s highly recommended you get a new Monet because we cannot guarantee the hold of the adhesive once its already been used.
Can I use my Monet on any case?
Yes as long as it is a flat surface.
How does my Monet stick to my phone?
With 3m adhesive.
Will the Monet fit on any phone?
Yes! Unless you are still using a flip phone then we can’t guarantee it will fit. Sorry
Will I damage my phone or case if I remove my Monet?
It will not. The adhesive does not leave any residue.
How can I sell Monet in my stores?
Contact customer service at cs@monetbrand.com for any wholesale inquiries.
Where can I purchase the Monet besides online at monetbrands.com?
All major retailers such as Walmart, CVS, BJS. If you have a problem finding it in stores feel free to reach out to our customer service team at cs@monetbrand.com and we will be able to help you with a list of stores that carry the Monet.
Can I customize my Monet?
Right now no. Customizations are only available for wholesale purchases with minimum quantities.
I saw a specific Monet advertised on your Instagram that I want but I don’t see it on the site. How do I get it?
If you checked our site monetbrand.com and you do not see it listed it could mean it is so new that it’s not in stock yet but keep checking back because we are always updating our page with new product
Why is the shade of my Monet a little different compared to the one in the picture?
The lighting of the photos can alter the shade of the color which the physical sample can appear a little different.

Why is the Monet cheaper in some stores compared to online?
In our online store, you will find all Monet styles compared to retail stores. You will not find every Monet style in stores. Store prices will vary.