Why Social Media Influencers Can’t Get Enough Of This Phone Accessory

Scott Disick. Stephanie Ann Shepard. Selfie Kid. Victoria Secret Angel Gizele Oliveira. What do all these people have in common?

They’re great at selfies—and they love the Monet phone accessory.

You’ve probably already seen it on your Instagram feed, but Monet is a trendy piece of gear that attaches to the back of your phone and works as an easy slip-on grip, on-the-go stand, and  sleek wallet to help streamline your life and outfit.

Besides helping them take perfect photos, here are just a few reasons why social media influencers swear by Monet—and why you’ll love it, too.

It reduces the chances you’ll drop your phone.  

Anyone with a cracked screen knows the horror: your phone just slipped out of your fingers and plummeted to the concrete before you could even think about trying to catch it. Monet’s grip helps you avoid this tragedy, and it’s super easy to use and adjust for all of your day’s activities. 

The Monet is compatible with all phone models, and the grip slides up and down to fit multiple hand sizes when texting or taking selfies. It also means you’ll be a billion times less likely to drop your phone on your face while lying in bed (which is an embarrassing pain we all want to avoid).  

The kickstand is great for taking photos and videos. 

When there is no one else around to help you capture your content, the kickstand is a total life saver. Think of it like a tripod. Just put your phone on self-timer and get to work. Film a YouTube video wherever you are—without having to worry about your shaky hands or having to build an untrustworthy support stack of whatever junk is lying around. 

When not creating your own videos, you can also use the kickstand to watch movies or Facetime without holding your phone. Relax hands-free or free yourself up to multitask as you work at your desk.

They come in so many colors and patterns. 

You can get your Monet in a ton of different colors, patterns, and combos. Go ‘Supreme Red’ one day or opt for a safari ‘Giraffe’ print the next. Match it to your outfit, nail polish, or mood—and keep you’ll followers on the lookout for that day’s vibe.  

It makes working out 10x easier.

Want to go on a run or hit the gym but your workout gear doesn’t have pockets? Leave the bag at home and slip everything into the wallet portion of the Monet. It can hold a key, cards, cash, and IDs, so you’ll be good to go whether you are jogging on the treadmill or hitting the trails.

You can also use the kickstand to help you review your workout plan on the weight bench and time your plank intervals. Fitness influencers love how it helps them capture videos in the gym.

It helps you protect your valuables.

Never let your money out of sight—or your hand. The slim wallet ensures you always have your necessities at your fingertips. So there’s no need to worry or dig around in your backpack forever.

It helps you take the perfect selfies.

In addition to preventing you from dropping your phone on your face, Monet’s grip also helps you take better pictures of your face. Holding your phone by the back grips gives you that extra bit of arm length to get all of your friends in the shot. Hooking your fingers into the grip also allows you to shoot from above with ease and have a steady hand as you capture your photos.